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SunStar 432


Taking the industry by storm, the SunStar 432 has given tanners a new meaning to the word "tan." With the 160 watt Wolff® system lamps in the canopy, the optional Xtreme Reflection™ facials and body cooling system, tanners across the nation are requesting this bed for their quick 12 minute tanning sessions.

lamps |

·                                 Canopy: 16 x 160 watt Wolff® system lamps

·                                 Bench: 16 x 100 watt Wolff® system lamps

·                                 Optional facials: 3 x 400 watt Heraeus lamps with Xtreme Reflection™ facial glass

session time |

·                                 12 minute tanning session

special features |

·                                 Hinged acrylic system

·                                 Slide out utility drawer

·                                 7 foot, curved tanning surface

·                                 Hour meter located in utility drawer

·                                 High-tech digital timer

·                                 LED decorative lighting

·                                 Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe

·                                 Duramax™ 2000 exterior

·                                 Wireless T-Max® compatible

cooling system |

·                                 Variable speed full body cooling system

·                                 Advanced after tan cooling system

·                                 Superflow internal cooling system

warranty |

·                                 48 month Gold Medal

dimensions |

·                                 86.5"L x 40.5"W x 56"H

·                                 Recommended room size: 9'L x 7'W

power |

·                                 Single Phase, 220 VOLT 3 wire dedicated circuit

·                                 Single Phase-35 AMP circuit breaker (432)

·                                 Single Phase-40 AMP circuit breaker (432 3F)

Does NOT come with a plug - must be hard wired directly to junction box.

IMPORTANT: Voltage must be less than 230 VAC or may require Buck Booster. Circuit breaker size is approximate. Consult an electrician.

Tanning Beds are ETL tested and listed for your personal safety and peace of mind.