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We carry most salon software here are two of our most popular types we carry. If your looking for another type you don't see here please call we probably have it.

SunEase™ 2k, the Millennium Edition, is the Windows™ version of our popular tanning salon software. It is easy-to-use and includes the management and productivity features professional tanning salons rely on.

SunEase 2k is a common sense replacement for client index cards and cash registers. It will run on virtually any off-the-shelf computer.There is built in support the most reliable and affordable timers in the industry by FST, as well as OEM timers, to fully control your tanning beds and help reduce theft.

SunEase 2k easily and quickly tracks Clients, Tanning, Inventory, Services, Employees and Sales. There are many detailed sales and productivity reports for any period -- with the information you need to see when you need to see it.

SunEase 2k includes all the features of our DOS version, is an easy upgrade for existing users, and includes many new and improved features including:

  • 1 click access to common features
  • 9 ways to Quickly and Easily Find Clients
  • Integrated Appointment Book and Waiting Line
  • Client Pictures (all popular formats supported)
  • Start up to 12 Sales at once.
  • Complete Bar Code Support
  • Customizable Employee Security Profiles
  • Exclusive Tanning Bed Monitor
  • FST Timer and OEM timer Support
  • Many New and Improved Reports and Graphs

SunEase 2k takes advantage of standard Windows features to provide a consistent and easy-to-use look and feel. Common features are no more than 1 click away!

There is built in local area network (LAN) support for larger salons and a conversion utility to help you switch over from other tanning programs.

F.S.T. Company provides you with fee free -- toll free support for all of its products.

Here are some screen shots from Sunease software. Click on the images below to enlarge them for more details.


TanTrack tanning salon software image
Software for Your Tanning Salon!
TanTrack tanning salon software was developed to allow the tanning salon owner maximum control over the salon.  Our tanning salon software was designed to be completely user friendly and still provide all of the necessary tanning salon functions you need to run your salon efficiently.  Our tanning salon software will truly improve the way you manage your salon.

Solutions, Features and Benefits
By far, the easiest to use tanning salon management software package in the industry!

TanTrack® is a full-featured tanning salon management software package for your tanning salon!
This state-of-the-art system will act as a Point of Sale (POS) system for tracking all of your sales & customers. TanTrack® also contains a full-featured inventory system.
You can use the appointment scheduler to keep your customers tanning efficiently.
TanTrack® also keeps track of your tanning equipment, tracking the hours on all tanning beds & bulbs!

  • Full Package Support (Minutes, Sessions, Points, Unlimited, and EFT)
  • Full Product Support (Lotions, Goggles)
  • Full Service Support (Hair, Nail, Massage)
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Cash Drawer and Receipt Printer Support
  • Electronic Timer Support - ALL Major Timers!
  • Customer Appointments
  • Employee Security with Password Protection
  • Database Utilities - Backup, Restore and Maintenance
  • Employee Commissions
  • Learn the basics in just 10-15 minutes!
  • 30 Days of Standard Technical Support (From Purchase Date)
  • Pay-Per Call After Hours Support Available 7 Days per week!
  • Finger print Scanner Support

  • Finger print Scanner Support
  • Employee Information
  • Vendor Information
  • Customer Information (Sales, Visits, Personal)
  • Equipment Information (Maintenance, Bulb Changes)
  • Several Reports on each screen!
  • Multiple Stations/Users - Networkable! (Requires Add-on License)
  • Client Photos
  • Create New Customer Account by swiping a Driver's License that has a magnetic strip on it. Only 25 states are supporting the magnetic strip driver's license at this time.
  • Bar Code Support
  • Supports US & Canadian Sales Tax
  • Employee Time Clock
  • EFT Processing (Requires Credit Card Module & Hardware)
  • Quickbooks Exporting for Sales and Time Clock data
  • Key-tag Checkin Support

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  • Tracks all acryllic part numbers.
  • Tracks bed serial numbers.
  • Tracks bulb hours.
  • Supports UV beds AND Spray Booths.
  • Tracks all maintenance history.
  • Tracks all UV Readings from your UV Meter.
  • Tracks all visits for each bed individually.

 Due to the unique nature of these products they can not be returned for a refund call for details.