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Cherry Red

Cherry Red









Salon Entry Level Series

ProSun Onyx 28 - 28 × 110W RUVA Lamps
ProSun Onyx 28 SLi – 24 × 110W RUVA + 4 × 80W RUVA Lamps
ProSun Onyx 28 SPr – 28 × 110W RUVA Lamps
ProSun Onyx 32 SLi – 26 × 110W RUVA + 5 × 80W RUVA Lamps + Integrated
ProSun Onyx 32 SLi HO – 26 × 110W HO RUVA
+ 5 × 80W HO RUVA Lamps + Integrated
ProSun Onyx 32 SLi intensive (160)

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Good things come in small packages. From Welproma and the industry leader in home and commercial tanning comes the perfect economical salon starter bed: The Prosun Onyx.

The ProSun Onyx professional tanning system combines the attractive silhouette, attention to detail and superior performance synonymous with the ProSun name into a compact, affordable package that is ideal for salon start-ups. Despite the large, comfortable tanning surface, the Onyx has a small footprint, only 84 inches long by 35 1/2 inches wide, and fits easily into tanning salons or existing fitness studios and health spas. Because the Onyx draws less current than other tanning beds, it cuts operating costs and improves the bottom line. The competitive pricing and exceptional durability of this entry-level tanning system make it possible to inexpensively equip a new four- to eight-bed tanning studio and achieve maximum profit with a minimal initial investment.

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  • Four-Speed Body Fan
  • Digital Timer Display
  • Adjustable Gas Spring Lifts
  • Six models
  • New MyMp3 feature(Optional)
  • 15 or 20 minute maximum times
  • A wide variety of facial options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Includes Smart Design technology

prosun onyx

ProSun Onyx was created using Smart Design Technology

The attractive and sturdy ProSun Onyx is available in severl models. Lamp configurations range from 28 to 32 bulbs in various wattages with integrated facials that deliver beautiful commercial-quality tans in times from 20 minutes to as little as 15 minutes. All models come complete with a four-stage adjustable body fan, integrated digital timer and hour counter. The wide, ergonomically designed tanning surface enhances customer comfort while the extra-long lamps in the canopy supply optimal concentrations of UVA and UVB rays for superior tanning. The Cherry Red or Bronze high-gloss metallic outer shell is echoed by a color-coordinated base and merges seamlessly with contemporary interior design. The lightweight canopy lifts and lowers soundlessly at touch, powered by adjustable gas spring lifts. The heavy-duty acrylics that line the bench and canopy are designed for commercial use, can withstand heavy customer traffic and are simple to remove and replace for routine cleaning or maintenance.

Our newest addition to the Onyx Series tanning bed is the popular MyMP3 feature. This allows you to connect your MP3 player directly into the bed and listen to music through 2 high quality speakers + 1 built in Subwoofer. Create the perfect atmosphere for your members with the new MyMP3 feature!



ProSun Onyx Series Tanning Bed Specifications

Model Onyx 28 Onyx 32 SLi Onyx 32 SLi
High Output
Onyx 32 SLi
Canopy Lamps 14 × 110 Watts RUVA 12 × 110 Watts RUVA
5 × 80 Watts RUVA
12 × 110 Watts RUVA H.O.
5 × 80 Watts RUVA H.O.
12 × 160 Watts RUVA
5 × 140 Watts RUVA
Bench Lamps 14 × 100 Watts RUVA 14 × 100 Watts RUVA 14 × 100 Watts RUVA 14 × 100 Watts RUVA
Facial Lamps Integrated 1 × 400 Watt
+ Integrated
1 × 400 Watt 1 × 400 Watt
Maximum Exposure Time 20 Minutes 20 Minutes 15 Minutes 15 Minutes
Body Cooler Standard Standard Standard Standard
Pre-installed Speakers Optional  Optional  Optional Optional
NEW MyMP3 Optional  Optional  Optional Optional
LCD Timer Display Standard Standard Standard Standard
Programmable Internal Timer Standard Standard Standard Standard
Dual Hour Counters Standard Standard Standard Standard
Breaker 20 20 30 30
Standard Colors Red, Bronze Red, Bronze Red, Bronze Red, Bronze
Overall Dimensions 83″L x 35.5″W x 48″H 83″L x 35.5″W x 48″H 83″L x 35.5″W x 48″H 83″L x 35.5″W x 48″H
Recommended Room Size 8 ft. × 8 ft 8 ft. × 8 ft 8 ft. × 8 ft 8 ft. × 8 ft
Shipping Weight 250 lbs. 325 lbs. 400 lbs. 400 lbs.

prosun onyx new2

The Onyx is all about options

Multiple available models make it possible to choose the bed that works best for you. The many standard lamp configurations suit any setting or clientele. The addition of 160-watt canopy lamps in the Onyx 32 Sli Intensive increases intensity and enhances bronzing effects. An optional facial fan adds the extra touch that spells customer satisfaction.

Start your salon in style. Start with the ProSun Onyx.

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